The Whippet Wranch...

Paris, TX

The whippet wranch is located on private property near Paris, TX. Our goal is to promote sighthound racing, but we love seeing those "other breeds" that just wanna have fun, too.

Sighthound Racing


We primary race the 200 yard straight track (WRA or Whippet Racing association) and oval (NOTRA or National Oval Track Racing Association). Because of a drop off in numbers of interested whippets, we may investigate alternatives such as British Rules or weight graded racing.

2012 WRA National

& Lone Star Whippet Derby

We held the 2012 WRA National and Lone Star Whippet Derby at the wranch. Although the meet was small by national standards, we were happy to have all come and enjoy. The Legacy site can be found here.


Paris Organization of (Savvy)
Sighthound Enthusiasts

Posse: * Pronunciation: \ˈpä-sē\ * Function: noun * Etymology: Medieval Latin posse comitatus, literally, power or authority of the county * Date: 1645 1 : a large group often with a common interest 2 : * Paris organization of sighthound enthusiasts. POSSE is a family oriented group of sighthound owners. All sighthound owners are welcome to join us for scheduled race events, "Fun Runs" & practice days. Make plans to join us for the most fun you can have with your sighthounds.


@ the wranch

The hounds tend to be naturals, but dogs have to be certified "clean" (i.e. not likely to foul) before racing, and getting used to the boxes takes just a little bit of orientation. We are happy to hold practices for interested parties as the wranch managers schedule allows. Please contact us for practice. In general, it is good to have several sets of helping hands available (at least 3 people).


Find us on facebook

The Facebook page can be used for whatever members choose. The page is found here.